Syrian Pilot Shot Down by Turkey Speaks

Syrian pilot interview: "My aircraft was shot down by Turkish aircraft while within Syrian airspace." Damascus, (SANA) The Syrian pilot whose aircraft was shot down in Kasab area on Saturday said that a Turksih aircraft fired a missile at him while he was pursuing terrorists within Syrian territories. The pilot told the Syrian TV that he was carrying out the mission of pursuing terrorists within Syrian territories, more than 7 kilometers away from the borders, and after arriving at the target's location, establishing visual contact, and carrying out his mission, he turned around to return to base when rocket fired by a Turkish aircraft hit his aircraft, so he left it using the ejector seat. He asserted that his target was well within Syrian territories, and he parachuted inside Syrian territories, saying "I will return to them in good health condition, high morale, strong willpower, and resolution like iron," vowing to keep fighting until the last terrorist in Syria is dead.