4 Hamas Killed, 5 IDF Troops Injured

The latest clash on the Gaza border saw four members of Hamas ' military wing killed and five IDF soldiers injured, including one in serious condition. An investigation reveals that the troops were hit by a powerful explosive device that contained diesel oil. "Hamas estimated that the IDF was preparing to destroy the tunnel and that troops would be entering," the officer said, "Had we deployed troops, it would have left room for them to consider kidnapping a soldier. It is my belief that Hamas will not expand its operations. We were not caught by surprise and had prepared ourselves. We turned the tunnels from an advantage to a liability for Hamas." The IDF views the results as a "great operational achievement." A senior officer at the Southern Command said that among the dead were three "leaders and tunnel and rocket experts." The wounded IDF soldiers include an officer holding the rank of a lieutenant colonel. The officer estimated that Hamas will not retaliate to the death of its leaders. Read more at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4448318,00.html