UAE Fighters Continue to Hit Houthis

ABU DHABI: The UAE fighter jets continued their air strikes against Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen. The strikes are part of Operation Al Hazm Storm, launched by the Arab coalition in support of the legitimate government in Yemen. The UAE fighters targeted Sana’a airport, a radar, an air defence centre and a logistics storage, two anti-aircraft positions and depots for ammunition and ballistic missiles. In Taez, the fighters bombed a weapons storage facility and a radar position. All fighter jets returned to their bases safely. Fighter jets of the Arab coalition continue their strikes against Houthis in response to a request from President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi for military intervention to protect Yemen and its people from the extremist Houthi militias. The Saudi-led Arab coalition has since struck at the Houthi positions. Among the fighter jets participating in operations in Yemen are 30 jets from the UAE, 100 from Saudi Arabia, 15 each from Kuwait and Bahrain and 10 from Qatar. Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and Pakistan are also participating in the operations.