What Can Business Learn from Military?

What can business learn from the military? The army is not in the business of coming second but how do they assure they always come first in any conflict. Lines of command can be broken, so the only way to ensure that a mission is complete is to ensure that everyone from the commander down to the lowest ranks knows the goal of the mission and also that they have the flexibility and responsibility to react to changes and opportunities in the field. Captain Jeffrey van der Veer believes that this approach and the courage to act on opportunities can also help businesses to win their conflicts. Currently, Cpt Jeffrey van der Veer serves as a Battery commander and trained and participated in operational doctrine deploying and operating a Panzer Howitzer Battery. After the Afghanistan mission he was asked by the Royal Nether-­ lands Military Academy to provide lectures at the Nijmegen Radbout University. In the curriculum Centre of International Conflict - Analyze & Management (CICAM). This curriculum is part of the Faculty of Management Sciences. Cpt Jeffrey van der Veer just returned from the Netherlands Antilles. The recent experiences with the Royal (NLD) Army overseas protection/ security mission in the Netherlands Antilles were from November 2011 until January 2012. Cpt Jeffrey van der Veer was the Officer Commanding (OC) the infantry company at Naval Base Parera in Curaçao.


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