'The Prototype' Trailer

Bandito Brothers, the production company behind Act of Valor, are back next year with an entirely different project, The Prototype, that’s more in the vein of District 9 – a film with a modest $30m. budget that went on to take north of $200m. across the globe, and became an instant cult phenomenon. The first teaser trailer has been leaked online, by its writer/director Andrew Will, with Deadline reporting that it was initially to be sold after the 4th July holiday in the States. This first look at the film is utterly immense, and you can definitely imagine that distributors will be wanting this in their armoury for release in 2013. The film has an under $40m. budget, and if it gets the right release, you can imagine that the success District 9 found could well follow for it. http://www.heyuguys.co.uk/2012/06/21/first-teaser-trailer-sci-fiactioner-the-prototype-immense/