Sneak Peak of "Red Dawn" Redux

Its been roughly three years since production wrapped on the remake of “Red Dawn,” but the trailer is just now hitting the web. Based on the 1984 film of the same name, “Red Dawn” follows a pre-”Thor” Chris Hemsworth as he leads a guerillas army of teens in the hopes of protecting what’s left of American soil. In the original film, Hemsworth’s character, Jed Eckert, was played by a 32-year-old Patrick Swayze (Hemsworth is 28) and the enemy was the now defunct U.S.S.R. North Korea (a country where no American media dollars are being staked) was swapped out for China in May 2011 as the new villains, to ensure lucrative international grosses. The film is due out in theaters this Thanksgiving but has had a storied road. “Red Dawn” was first announced at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2008 and principle photography began in September 2009. Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson - In theatres: November 21, 2012 -- Copyright @ MGM Studios & Sony Pictures