Truckers Ride for the Constitution

What do you guys think about this one? Good show of patriotism, or just more congestion on the beltway? Story: Earl Conlon had claimed the trucker protest should block all traffic on the Washington beltway and attempt to "arrest" Congress members who he claimed had violated the US Constitution. Both of these actions are as illegal as what the eight House Democrats did for the immigration reform protest. When reports of what he said began to spread Earl Conlon hurriedly backed off those claims and said he was merely trying to "ruffle the feathers" of the new media. But now the 2013 trucker protest has started today and will continue through Sunday. Beginning with 30 tractor trailers, Truckers Ride For The Constitution hopes this number will grow to 3,000 truckers protesting against the government shutdown: "This is the first movement. I would be making up a number if I guessed how many trucks are out here. I can just tell you we have a healthy group and an even healthier group on the way." Police say they're working with the trucker protest to ensure traffic doesn't become jammed.


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