Skydiving Veteran Breaks Boards for the Wounded


What happens when you combine the skills of skydiving with martial arts? You can see the results in this video where US veteran and licensed skydiving and martial arts expert Ernie Torres of Phoenix, Arizona attempts a unique stunt in order to raise money for the 'Wounded Warriors Charity Project'. "We jumped from an altitude of 16000 feet, which requires oxygen to avoid a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can cause a person to feel 'high' (pardon the pun) or giddy, leading to a possible lack of sensible reasoning and importance of deploying your parachute. I deployed my parachute at 4000 feet that gave me approximately 70 seconds of freefall. That may seem like forever to some but it's not very long with you're trying to accomplish a specified task." So far, $1187 has been raised and through the post press coverage this is hoped to increase donations to 'The Wounded Warrior Project' -- a very worthy cause helping soldiers from the armed services in every way possible. To find out more about the WOUNDED WARRIORS CHARITY: --- Ernie's donation page is at:…

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