Anonymous Hacks Department of Justice

Anonymous Hacks Department of Justice Website, Threatens to Launch 'Multiple Warheads' -- The website belonging to the United States Sentencing Commission is down this morning, following a hack by Anonymous overnight. The site, which normally bears information about sentencing guidelines for federal crimes, instead showed a nearly 10 minute long YouTube video and the same message typed below it. The hacktivist collective claims its takedown of the site belonging to the U.S. Department of Justice is in response to the suicide of Reddit programmer Aaron Swartz. At the time of his death, Swartz faced up to 35 years in prison on federal computer fraud charges. According to Anonymous, Swartz was "killed" and a "line was crossed." The hacked site also contained links to "warheads" named after each of the Supreme Court justices, each links to a website containing a 503 service unavailable error message, meaning the server is for some reason unavailable.


Video Shock and Awe