Woman Dragged on Road by Police Car

It was about 9 am this Sunday when a car of the 9th Battalion (Rocha Miranda) drove down the Intendant Magellan Road towards Marechal Hermes in the North Zone of Rio, with the trunk open. After rolling out from inside and hanging on to the bumper of the vehicle only by a piece of clothing, the body of a woman was dragged for about 250 meters, beating against the pavement as the vehicle was passing. Although warned by pedestrians and motorists, the police did not stop. An amateur cameraman passing by recorded the scene in a video. The woman dragged was Claudia Silva Ferreira, 38, shot during an exchange of gunfire between police and the 9th BPM traffickers from the Morro Congonha in Madurai. In testimony before the Civil Police, the Military Police said the woman was rescued by them and still alive when taken to the Hospital Carlos Chagas in Marechal Hermes, but could not resist. The State Secretariat of Health reported that the patient has died.


Video Shock and Awe