Embassy Officials Shot at Strip Club

Two U.S. Embassy military attachés in Venezuela were wounded on Tuesday in a shooting at a popular Caracas strip club. Authorities heard gunshots around 4:25 a.m. at the Antonella 2012 club, also known as Angelus in the upscale Chacao district. One of the military attachés, Roberto Ezequiel Rosas, was shot in the leg outside of the club. The other embassy official, Paul Marwin was shot in the stomach, but apparently did not notice until he got home. The U.S. Embassy did confirm there was an incident, but gave very few details. U.S. Embassy medical staff said their injuries were not life-threatening. A police source said that a third American was involved, but he was lucky enough not to get popped. The shooting happened outside after the Americans got into a fight with other club patrons inside the establishment. With all the recent incidents involving U.S. diplomats behaving badly, maybe it's time they receive some proper training. Do U.S. diplomats need better training?


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