Unarmed Man Shot, Killed by Off Duty Cop

Chicago, IL - The video of an unarmed man being shot and killed by an off-duty Chicago police officer has caused an outpouring of comments on social media. More than 600 people commented on the FOX Chicago News Facebook page. It has also given the victim's girlfriend her first look at what she called the devastating last minutes of Marlin Horton's life. “My stomach started churning, I looked at it and then I was like no, it's kinda like surreal,” said Rhonda Horton who lived with Horton at the time. Horton was shot and killed outside a near west side CHA housing project on September 7, 2013. He had gone there early that Saturday morning to meet Day, who had spent the night at her mother's apartment. Horton's cell phone had died and so he could not call Day to let her know he was outside. Two guards, including an off-duty Chicago cop, would not let him in. “Had they asked why you over here, who you looking for, and he would have said me and she's upstairs and if you not letting me in could you go up there. No, they could have just done the whole thing different in my opinion,” Day said. She told FOX 32 News she was asleep when the shooting happened. “My mom received a phone call and it said someone has been shot downstairs, a homeless person, a homeless man has been shot,” Day recalled. “So then, I got the call back maybe an hour or two later saying that no, that was your boyfriend.” Day said she was devastated. According to a lawsuit filed by Horton's family after an initial confrontation with the guards, Horton eventually left and then urinated on or near the off-duty officer's SUV. He then returned and exchanged words with the two guards, until the off-duty cop appeared to initiate a scuffle. Both guards then pulled out their weapons. They continued to exchange words, but as Horton moved toward the off-duty officer, the officer shot him. Day believes the officer's response was completely unjustified. “I seen picking with him, baiting him to want to fight or become combative and I just seen him shoot him, kill him,” Day said. She believes if the officers had done more than just call 9-1-1, Horton might still be alive today. The Independent Police Review Authority still has not issued a report on whether the shooting was justified or not.


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