The Burka is the New Ski Mask

These dramatic moments show a brutal gems raid in which an armed robber disguised himself as a Muslim woman in a BURKA to bluff his way into a jewellers. The hoodlum dressed up in a full Islamic body cloak and then rang the buzzer of the store posing as a female customer. But as he was let in by unsuspecting staff, three accomplices burst in behind him wielding a rifle, sword and baseball bats. They then began smashing up the glass display cabinets and stealing £30,000 in gems and valuables. During the raid the gunmen pointed the rifle at the staff as they put their hands up in fear. Meanwhile the man in the burka himself pulled out a sword from under his cloak and began stuffing a swag bag full of traditional Asian jewels. Rais Atcha, 20, of Burwell Close, Bolton was jailed for 12 years, Fahim Kola, 19, of Willows Lane, Bolton got ten years and eight months, Mohammed Asif Khan, 26, of Mancroft Avenue, Bolton was given nine years and four months and Baber Khan, 25, of Jasmine Court, Bolton was jailed for ten years and eight months.