Teen 'Take Out' Over Olympic Torch Grab

The 17-year-old boy ran at speed out of the crowd towards the torchbearer and was grabbed by officers from the torch security team. They wrestled him to the ground and he was arrested by Kent Police. The incident happened at 09:55 BST on day 63 of the relay which is travelling 105 miles from Maidstone to Guildford. Torchbearer Anna Skora, 23, from Lublin in Poland swerved out of the way but continued with her section of the relay. She told BBC South East: "I remember the sight of this guy, he jumped to me. This moment I remember [then] some security go to me." The Metropolitan Police, from which the torch security officers are drawn, said: "We would like to remind members of the public not to attempt to breach the security bubble around the torchbearer."