Sheriff Busted For Drunk Driving!

Berkeley County, SC - Just one day after Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne Dewitt was sworn in for his new term, the South Carolina Highway Patrol released video and reports from his DUI arrest that also involved an alleged hit and run. On Monday, new dash-cam video was released by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, showing Berkeley County Sheriff, Wayne Dewitt, as he failed a field sobriety test back in the morning. Hanahan Police say they had a truck tailgate a cop and then speed past. The truck speeds up while the officer gives chase. With blue lights flashing, you can see the truck swerve a couple times, almost losing control. The truck eventually pulls over after allegedly running a red light on Yeamans Hall. Inside the truck is Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne Dewitt. Before exiting the truck, officers on scene first have to help him put the truck in park. Officers then performed the sobriety test and determined Dewitt had failed. On Monday, Berkeley County Council met for the first time this year, for their Re-Organizational Meeting. News 2 asked council members and meeting attendees what they thought of the shocking new footage. “I think that's the integrity side that he should resign," said Brian Adams, who ran against Dewitt in the primary election. But others such as Linda Ryney, who is an executive committee member for the Berkeley County GOP, expressed sympathy for the Sheriff. "The whole situation is just sad. I pray for him and I hope it turns out well for him, I really do," said Ryney. Berkeley County Councilman, Tim Callanan, who will soon take over as Deputy Supervisor of Finance, said county council has zero authority over county wide elected officials. "They run their departments, they run their employees how they best see fit," said Callanan. Right now right now nobody knows if Sheriff Dewitt will resign - but authorities from Berkeley County told News 2 that if he is convicted, the Governor could step in and take immediate action. Sheriff Dewitt released a statement today saying quote, “I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment my recent conduct has caused the citizens of Berkeley County and the employees of the Sheriff's office. I know I have greatly disappointed my family, my friends, my staff and my constituents. I accept full responsibility for my conduct. I will accept whatever outcome the judicial process determines to be appropriate."


Video Shock and Awe