Robber Fires Sawed-Off Shotgun at Clerk

"Surveillance video from the Brockton store shows him stay calm as a gunman walks in, last week. The gun is pointing at my head and said give me all money," says Patel Kiritkumar. Instead the brave clerk motions for the gunman to grab the money himself, he even opens the register drawer for him. Then without warning the seemingly agitated robber fires once, but Patel never flinches even as the shot hits inches from his hip, leaving a hole in the counter. Patel says the unmasked gunman could see himself on two big screens from nearby cameras as soon as he walked through the door, still his demeanor was so relaxed that for a moment the clerk thought the weapon and the stick up were fake. "I think he just play with me but then he shoot over here and I realize that it's a real gun," says Patel.

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