Police Take Out Stolen School Bus

March 27, 2012 -- New Mexico State Police have released dash-cam video as well as recordings of radio communications between officers and dispatchers as they attempted to stop a stolen school bus speeding toward Albuquerque. The March 9, 2012 incident took place right at the beginning of morning rush hour, and officers worked furiously to prevent the runaway vehicle from barreling into Albuquerque where many innocent people may have been hurt or killed. "Let's try to see if we can get this done before we get to Albuquerque," one cop can be heard saying on the radio. During the pursuit, multiple agencies took part in a variety of tactics to stop 27-year-old Nathaniel Shipman, including at least two spike-strip deployments and a daring PIT attempt by one New Mexico State Police Officer in his patrol car. The bus proved just too big for the cruiser, but a State Police SUV was eventually able to PIT the bus. Less-lethal beanbag rounds were then deployed, but still, the violator resisted. Finally, one officer fired rounds from his sidearm, and the suspect was taken into custody with non-life-threatening injuries.