Police Shoot Pit Bulls Mauling 6-Year-Old

Cincinnati, OH - Two pit bulls mauling a 6-year-old girl on a sidewalk in a life-or-death situation.That's what Cincinnati police saw -- and their cruiser cam recorded -- when they drove up to a horrible scene in Westwood Monday.The cruiser cam video, released by police Friday, shows three officers shooting and killing the dogs after rushing to the girl's aid.Zainabou Drame remains in critical but stable condition at Cincinnati Children's Hospital with severe injuries to her face and neck.Officer Kyle Strunk had a hard time describing the dog attack, and said sleeping has been difficult."It's really indescribable and something no person should ever have to see and something we'll never forget," Strunk said."I don't want to get too graphic, but I saw the brown dog, which was the bigger of the two dogs, and he had the girl's head in his mouth. He was slinging it around, thrashing his head back and forth with her in his mouth."Fortunately, when the officers showed up, they took the dogs' attention away from Zainabou."You know right away you can't just pull your gun and start shooting," Strunk said. "You have to get those dogs off of her. The last thing you want to do is accidentally shoot the girl. You have to get those dogs off of her."One of the officers went around one side of her. When he did that, the brown dog saw him, let go of the child and went toward him. That's when he was able to start firing shots."At that point, he got a couple shots off and the brown dog ran toward me and my partner's direction, and that's when we fired our guns. That's when we directed our fire at that dog. We eliminated that dog. The other dog ran toward the side of the house. That's where another officer engaged that dog and eliminated that dog as well."Strunk said an officer held Zainabou in his arms until paramedics arrived."When you see a child, an innocent child that's done nothing wrong and done nothing to deserve any pain, when you see what you saw yesterday, it's certainly something you'll never forget," Strunk said.


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