Police Officer Shot at Point Blank

On Saturday April 16, 2011 at 12:41am Officer David Wagoner (a 4 year veteran of the department, husband and father) conducted a routine traffic stop on a Cadillac sedan in the 100 block of Santa Barbara Blvd North. Officer Wagoner approached the driver's window and made contact with the driver, a 17 year old female. He asked for and received her driver's license. Officer Wagoner asked her male passenger if he had any ID. The male passenger, Yousel Lopez Rivera, stated that he did not have ID. Officer Wagoner asked the female driver to get her registration and proof of insurance as he walked behind the Cadillac and approached the passenger window to obtain Rivera's information. As soon as Officer Wagoner got to the passenger window, Rivera shot Officer Wagoner three times at point blank range. Two of the bullets struck Officer Wagoner's ballistic vest. The third struck his abdomen below the vest.