Police Herd May Day Protesters

Video starts off a little slow but you can see a couple of flash bangs go off around the 48 second mark. Then around the 1:30 mark tons of riot police charge in on bikes - you can see one eat it around the 1:37 mark at the top right side of the street. Some more flash bangs push the protesters up the street. Summary: Police say they arrested 17 people suspected of assault and property damage in Seattle Wednesday night when a May Day demonstration turned violent and marchers broke windows and pelted police with rocks, bottles and fireworks. Police say eight officers suffered scrapes and bruises clashing in the streets. The "anti-capitalism" protest followed a peaceful immigration reform march and rally earlier in the day. It was the second year in a row for May Day violence in the city. Police had said 18 people were arrested but revised the number in a wrap-up on the police blotter.