Meteor Caught On Police Dashcam

West Midlands, UK - A fireball meteor which fizzed over Devon was caught - on camera - speeding up the M42 by a police patrol. The meteorite was captured on video by the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth at 2:04 am on Monday morning. Today, West Midlands police force released footage of the same meteor caught on an in-car camera by a motorway patrol. The 10-second video clip filmed by officers in the West Midlands shows a bright object hurtling through the sky above a traffic island on the M42. A police spokesman said officers had recorded the footage as they left the southbound carriageway on the motorway near Solihull at 3:04 am on Monday. In a tweet accompanying the film, the West Midlands Police traffic unit said: "We're used to catching suspects on camera but on Mon we recorded this meteor fireball in the sky." The meteor, said by some witnesses to be green in color, was also spotted in the Wales and other parts of the West Midlands.


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