LSU Students Confront Flag Burners

LSU graduate student Benjamin Haas had planned to burned the American flag at noon on May 11. Student government president Cody Wells and vice president Kathleen Bordelon scheduled a "Patriotic Assembly" to respond to the burning. LSU students started gathering on Free Speech Alley around 11:30 to began waving flags and chanting. Haas showed up on the Parade Ground, but had no intention at that point to burn the flag. Hundreds and students ran and surrounded him as a he tried to give a speech about his ideology. Police then escorted Haas across the Parade Grounds to a squad car as students followed. Students expressed their resentment towards Hass as he was carried away, waving flags, chanting, and shouting. For a few minutes Highland road was blocked by the crowd of students and police tried to gain control of the crowd.


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