'Genital Probing' Trooper Pleads Guilty

A fired Texas state trooper — who made national headlines after a dash cam video went viral showing her conducting genital probes during a routine traffic stop - pleaded guilty to criminal charges on Friday. Kelly Helleson, 34, admitted to two counts of official repression in exchange for prosecutors dropping sexual assault charges against her. She was sentenced Friday to two years of probation. The trooper was fired last year after a graphic 2012 dash cam video of a traffic stop in the Dallas area showed Helleson donning blue gloves and inserting her fingers into the vaginas and rectums of Angel Dobbs and her niece, Ashley Dobbs, after they were pulled over for allegedly throwing lighted cigarettes out of their car's windows. Angel Dobbs testified Friday she felt sexually assaulted during the disturbing interlude. Helleson had been summoned to the 2012 scene by trooper David Farrell, who said he smelled marijuana in the car. No illegal substances were found. During the probes, Dobbs told the Dallas court, she was thinking "Oh my God, did she just do that?" according to KXAS-TV. Farrell was suspended, but not indicted over the invasive searches. Farrell is back on active duty, the Texas Department of Public Safety told the Daily News in an email. He had been accused of theft over a bottle of prescription pain pills reported missing from the women's vehicle, but a grand jury declined to indict him. He was returned to full duty last September. Helleson apologized in court, saying she was only doing what she was trained to do. The women sued the department, saying they were violated and their health endangered because Helleson did not change gloves at any point during the rectal and vaginal searches of both women. The suit was settled for $185,000. A similar case in Houston produced far different results. Trooper Jennie Bui was fired last year over nearly identical allegations — two women pulled over for a traffic stop were strip-searched on the side of the road and the humiliating incident was captured on dash cam video. A grand jury declined to indict her, saying she was only following the orders of Trooper Nathaniel Turner, who summoned her to the scene. Bui has been reinstated. Turner was fired.


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