Fatal Shooting at Vegas Nightclub

Chilling surveillance video shows the moments leading up to the shooting inside Bally's nightclub in late October that left a man dead. Court officials just made the video available Wednesday. Police say it shows accused shooter Benjamin Frazier pulling a gun on two security guards and shooting clubgoer Kenneth Brown, who tried to stop him. Frazier's attorneys do not dispute it is their client on the footage. In the video, Frazier is seen reaching for his gun then pointing and shooting at three people. Prosecutors say the video could hold the answers to what really happened that morning. According to Metro Police, the incident started around 5:45 a.m. Oct. 21 inside Drai's Afterhours Club. Security personnel let Benjamin Frazier go inside and check out the crowd before paying a cover charge. On the video, Frazier is seen walking around partygoers inside the club. He then returns to the front to pay the $30 cover charge, and that is when the trouble begins. Frazier is seen starting an exchange with doorman Robert Farius. He gets up close, and then pulls a gun on Farius. Farius is seen trying to take the gun away and is thrown to the ground. Moments later, another security guard arrives and Frazier shoots both men, one in the arm and the other in the abdomen. Both men survived their injuries. Surveillance cameras show the second security guard collapse outside the doors, as Frazier starts walking through the casino. It is at that point that Kenneth Brown, a comedian and clubgoer, chases Frazier into Bally's and tackles him to the ground. One shot goes off in the struggle, and soon after, another bullet is fired, which hits Brown in the neck. Police say Brown died shortly after being shot. "Anytime someone uses a gun and fires a gun, whether it is involving our locals or our tourists, we're going to take it very seriously," Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said. Wolfson is still considering whether to seek the death penalty against Frazier. He says the video holds many answers. "It is one thing to imagine what happened, but if you had the video that shows with clarity what happened, it is good for everybody," Wolfson said. However, Frazier's attorneys say it is unclear whether he actually intended to kill Kenneth Brown. "They were wrestling on the floor and then you see the muzzle flash twice and it comes down to whether they were struggling over the gun, whether the gun went off intentionally, or whether the gun went off accidentally during the struggle," Frazier's attorney Bob Beckett said. "If his intent was to kill, there would be three deaths here possibly and there is only one. And that was one we feel put himself in harms way," co-counsel Vicki Greco said. The video will be used by the prosecution and Frazier's defense as he stands trial for murder. Since being behind bars, Frazier's attorneys claim Frazier has had several health problems related to being tackled by Brown. His attorneys say Frazier may have brain damage that could stop him from being mentally fit to assist in his defense. They also say he remembers nothing about the night of the shooting. The District Attorney's Office will decided whether to seek the death penalty later this month. A judge will set Frazier's trial date on Jan. 18.