'Facebook Killer' Turns Himself In

Moment the man who posted a picture of his dead wife on Facebook calmly walks into a police station to confess to her murder is caught on video released by cops. Looking calm and detached, Derek Medina is seen entering a Miami police station to confess to his wife's murder. Newly released security camera footage from a police station shows the 31-year-old speaking to a person at the desk before quietly sitting in a chair, leaving his anxious father to pace up and down. Medina's manner in the 23- second video appears to match the cold detachment he exhibited when he posted a gruesome picture of his wife's dead body online, saying: 'Facebook people you'll see me in the news.' After shooting Jennifer Alfonso, 26, on Thursday, Medina walked into the South Miami police station at about noon and confessed, according to the Miami Herald. On Facebook he claimed to have been the victim of domestic abuse, saying: 'I'm not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did.' He later told police that he shot Ms Alfonso several times after she picked up a kitchen knife, and punched and kicked him. In his affidavit, Medina said he had pointed a gun at his wife as they argued in their bedroom. Later he confronted his wife, who said he was leaving him, in their kitchen, according to CBS News. The affidavit claims Ms Alfonso started to hit him so he went back upstairs for the gun, as his wife reached for a kitchen knife.