Dirty Cops Turned Drug Kingpins

It was something out of a James Bond movie. Fancy cars with secretly built compartments, concealing stashes of illegal drugs, were driven from California to Long Island, CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan reports. The eight high-end vehicles, including a Mercedes, BMW and two Cadillac Escalades, were more than luxury models. They were drug-running cars, containing gizmos and gadgets concealing secret compartments, chiseled out seats and floorboards and airbags ripped out so cocaine could be packed, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said. Stashes of steroids were found in empty consoles. Cash was found in panels where cushions once protected passengers."Use your imagination. Any way you can think of, the drug dealers think of. Car carriers are not the only way that they move drugs. It happens to be what they used in this case," said Detective Sgt. William Burke of the Suffolk County Narcotics Squad.


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