Dazed Deer Saved by Police Officer

Some damn good deer karma. A dazed deer's life was saved by a Huron County sheriff's deputy. Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson reports a car crashed into a deer Friday night on Hellems Road in Dwight Township. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, the doe was so shocked by the incident that it remained frozen in the middle of the road for at least 25 minutes after the crash. When Deputy Ryan Swartz arrived at the scene, he first thought the animal was a decoy. However, he soon realized that it alive. In an attempt to avoid another crash, he made a decision on how to get the deer off the roadway. Sheriff Hanson says while he doesn't recommend just anyone approaching an animal, Deputy Swartz is well trained and has much experience in handing deer. So, the deputy decided to walk to the deer and carry it off the road instead of shooting the deer. Fortunately, Deputy Swartz was safely able to move the deer, and the deer regained the ability to trot off into the field.

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