Dashcam: Cop Collides with Black Bear

Deputy Jason Harvey was completing an uneventful patrol, winding his way down Highway 127 in Sequatchie County, Tennessee Friday night. Uneventful, becomes otherwise, quickly. Suddenly a black bear appeared in the road before him. Deputy Harvey's cruiser camera records the entire episode: a cub, getting his backside stubbed. Harvey, a six-year veteran known as a deputy of few words, apparently has trouble, finding any after the accident. "He had to put his thoughts together," Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock said. "He couldn't tell even where he was at the moment." "I'm trying to locate it," Deputy Harvey radios dispatch. "It got up and took off." Skedaddled, as the video makes clear, back into the woods from whence he came, leaving nary a trail.


Video Shock and Awe