Dash Cam Video Shows Fatal Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Shots fired at the 1:56 mark... Newly released video shows the events leading up to and the use of deadly force by a Greene County sheriff's deputy on Oct. 4 in Republic. It shows the reality of the time frame that officers have to make life-and-death decisions. Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Keatts, who was dispatched to the DWI report while he was in Springfield, found out one minute before spotting the van that the driver might be suicidal and armed. The video shows Keatts approaching the van and knocking on the window. Keatts began questioning Robinette about how much she had to drink. Keatts says Robinette then raised a pink handled, silver barreled handgun and, as he retreated, he heard a click. Keatts made a split-second decision and fired five shots, hitting her four times, once fatally in the head.


Video Shock and Awe