Cops Beat Father in Front of Kids

Long Beach Police Another day, another horrific police brutality against a mentally unstable man. This time, the scene is set in Long Beach, California and the victim's name is Porfirio Santos-Lopez, 46. Santos-Lopez was seen hitting another man on the head in surveillance footage, so the cops stopped him with good reason. What happened next is captured in the footage above and elicited these reactions from experts on police abuse, Greg Meyer, a former LAPD captain and use-of-force expert, said the baton blows shown on the YouTube video appeared to follow protocol. He cautioned that the recording did not show the full context of the interaction or clarify exactly how Santos-Lopez was injured. "It doesn't appear from the video that the police officers were doing anything wrong," Meyer said. "But we still don't know all the facts here." But Larry Smith, a use-of-force expert and retired Fontana police sergeant and former training specialist, said the response looked excessive because of the baton use. He questioned why the officers didn't exhaust other nonlethal measures — such as pepper spray — or move in to handcuff Santos-Lopez after he was Tasered.Civil rights groups called Thursday for a federal investigation of an arrest during which Long Beach police officers were recorded by a cellphone smacking a man with batons as he lay on his back. Meanwhile a separate surveillance video of the arrest appeared to show police hitting him at least 15 times.


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