Cop Stabbed by Woman During Traffic Stop

Ft. Gibson, OK - A Ft. Gibson police officer was stabbed in the back while on a traffic stop Tuesday night near Whitlock Packaging at South Lee Street and Benge Road. Officer Brent Maddocks had pulled over a motorist around 7 p.m. when a woman approached him from behind and stabbed him with scissors, according to Chief Clint Vernon of Ft. Gibson police. Vernon tells KTUL that Jessica Lugo, the assailant, was an employee of Whitlock Packaging. She was in the business's smoking area on break or just getting off work at the time of the attack. Maddocks suffered a puncture wound in the upper shoulder where his bulletproof vest provided no protection. Chief Vernon said that the officer had to quickly decide how to deal with the unexpected attacker. As she approached him her momentum carried her toward the vehicle he had stopped and the officer stepped backward and began to draw his weapon. Because the people in the vehicle, including two children, were in the line of fire, he realized could not use his weapon without putting them in danger, said Vernon. He holstered his weapon and used his taser. "He had a great mind presence to do that so there was nobody else hurt," said Vernon. Officer Maddocks has returned to service after receiving treatment for a minor puncture wound. Lugo is being held in Muskogee County jail without bond for assault with a deadly weapon on an officer. Police still aren't sure why she attacked Maddocks. She has no apparent relation to the people being stopped, according to Vernon.


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