Cop Injured When Drunk Driver Takes Off

Gulf Breeze, FL - A Gulf Breeze officer is recovering after being run over by a vehicle on Monday afternoon. Sgt. Kerstan Tatro pulled over 30-year-old Amy Lee Giorgio around 2 p.m. for a speeding violation. According to Gulf Breeze Chief of Police Robert Randle, Tatro noticed Giorgio driving erratically near the south end of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. She was allegedly going 65 mph in a 35 mph zone. As Tatro stood by Giorgio’s driver’s side window speaking to her, he noticed her attempting to put her vehicle into gear. When the officer asked the driver to step out of the car, she started the vehicle. Tatro reached into the window in an attempt to grab Giorgio’s keys out of the ignition. Giorgio then accelerated with the officer still partway in the window. She carried him a short distance and ran him over when he fell from the vehicle’s side. Sgt. Tatro suffered a compound fracture to his right arm, and is recovering tonight at Scared Heart Hospital in Pensacola. A passing motorist saw the incident, called 911 and followed Giorgio to the rear parking lot of the Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel. Pensacola Police arrived in the parking lot moments later and took her into custody. In the dash cam video you also see Tatro’s teenage daughter get out of a red car. She was passing by after leaving the mall. “She was screaming my dad that’s my dad. I was thinking what is she doing here,” Tatro said. Giorgio, who appeared to be impaired during her arrest, had drugs in her possession. She was previously scheduled for a Jan. 20 trial on charges of possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment and driving under the influence. According to authorities, Giorgio has numerous prior arrests for drug offenses, as well as active warrants in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Deputy Chief Rick Hawthorne with the Gulf Breeze Police Department commented on Tatro’s condition. “He’s going to be in the hospital for several days due to the break in the arm just making sure no infection or anything occurs,” Hawthorne said. “But he’s moving around and is doing good.” Tatro is married with five children. From his hospital bed he told us about his promise to his family. “You go to work every night and they say be careful, and I say, “I promise. I’ll be careful, I’ll be home and that’s a promise I have to keep.”


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