Cop Accidentally Fires Shot After Chase

Des Moines, IA - The Polk County Sheriff's Department released dash camera video and audio of a 911 call recorded during a chase Sunday on Highway 141. A driver called 911 shortly before 6 p.m. to report a car speeding, swerving from shoulder to shoulder and almost hitting a bridge. It started near Perry and was headed south into Metro Des Moines. When a Polk County deputy and state trooper caught up to the car near Grimes, the driver accelerated to speeds of up to 80 mph and crossed into the northbound lanes facing traffic head-on. "It didn't seem to be someone actually fleeing from an officer or deputy, didn't seem like that type of driving," said Lt. Jana Abens of the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Police said the driver was identified as 24-year-old Steven Schulte, of Carroll. "At that point both the trooper and the deputy both thought, 'we need to think outside the box here and figure how we can get this vehicle stopped,'" said Abens. After narrowly missing many northbound vehicles, officers were able to get ahead and behind the vehicle and bring it to a stop in the 3300 block of NW 100th Street in Urbandale. Authorities said Schulte did not respond to the officers' commands to exit the vehicle so they broke out two windows to gain access. "They just sort of received a blank stare, that incoherent -- wasn't comprehending what was being asked of him and just kind of sat in the driver's seat without moving," said Abens. Reserve Deputy Troy Cline accidentally fired his weapon during the incident, but no one was hurt. (watch video). "That unintentional firing of the weapon happened when the deputy went to reholster his weapon, completely unintentional definitely wasn't something he meant to do," said Abens. Schulte was taken into custody and was transported to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Authorities said Schulte apparently was suffering from a medical issue during the chase. They have not yet provided details about the medical issue.


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