Paladin Training Urban Break Contact

From September 2012 -- "This a series of short clips from a recent course I participated in entitled Urban Break Contact which was offered by Paladin Training located in Florence, SC. The 3 day Urban Break Contact training is a specialized course designed as a result of a real world engagement that occurred in 2010 in Kabul, Afghanistan when a US contractor and his driver were ambushed in a downtown area. The ensuing fight lasted approximately 30 minutes, involved a short defense in place around a vehicle, dismounted movement to the rear of about 1 kilometer under fire using any available cover along the way until finally reaching safety. One single contractor recounted expending 19 1/2 30 round AK magazines and numerous rounds from his Glock 19 during the fight. This has exhibited the ability that a smalll well trained team can survive a very high round count engagement against an overwhelming enemy force."

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