Drill Turned into Monster Shotgun!

The classic "David Sling" is using rotational speed to launch heavy projectiles at considerable speed. This principle is picked up by the company "HyperV Technologies Corp." - they made several launchers based in it. The next test device these guys want to build will fire a 1/4 pound projectile at 2,237 mph! Of course The Slingshot Channel loves the project. But we also have our own take at it...This video shows the SlingaLaunch, a device that shoots out 25mm (1") steel balls using rotational speed. The machine is powered by a drill and can even fire three steel balls at once. The concept is scaleable - a much larger launcher could throw very heavy objects (shot put?) and even go full auto (by adding an ammo feeder). Watch more at http://www.youtube.com/user/JoergSprave

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