Morsi Supporters Fire Machine Guns

A policeman and at least 21 protesters are reportedly dead as parts of Egypt descend into further violence. State media said the officer died following an armed attack on a checkpoint in capital city Cairo, where the army has been deployed to guard important and vital facilities - and is authorised to use live ammunition. Footage being broadcast on state TV in the country purported to show armed protesters shooting at security forces in Cairo, where tens of thousands have taken to the streets. Sky's Foreign Affairs Editor Tim Marshall said: State TV's narrative is that this is terrorism, that the (pro-Morsi) Muslim Brotherhood is behind it and that the armed forces are on the right side and are protecting people against what they call terrorism. There are few other sources of visual information so far. A soldier holds weapon as he stands on armoured personnel carrier positioned outside state-run television station in Cairo Soldiers stand guard in vehicles outside Egypt's state TV building Teargas could be seen during flashpoints in parts of the city, with protesters apparently hurling bottles and rocks at security forces. AFP said four protesters were killed during battles with security forces in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya.

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