Aerial Gunners and the 50 cal


Aerial gunners and their 50-caliber machine guns allow Combat Search and Rescue teams to go almost anywhere. All USAF special operations are under the command of AFSOC. AFSOC is an Air Force major command and constitutes the Air Force component of the unified USSOCOM. AFSOC is organized into one active component Special Operations Wing, two active Special Operations Groups, one active Special Tactics Group, and two reserve Special Operations Wings. AFSOC forces are apportioned and assigned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) to USSOCOM and theater Commanders in Chief (CINC). AFSOC has OPCON of CONUS-based forces while theater SOCs exercise OPCON of assigned or OCONUS assets. Only USCINCPAC and USCINCEUR have theater assigned AFSOC forces.

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