Gettysburg Day Part 3 - July 3, 1863 - Battles of the Civil War


July 3, 1863 - 1PM - Confederate guns begin the largest artillery bombardment of the war against Union defenses. Determined to press the attack and despite protests from General Longstreet, Lee orders a massive infantry assault against the Union center. At 3PM, General George Pickett and his 12,500 Confederate soldiers step from the ridgeline and advance on Cemetery Ridge. Union artillery and muskets open fire killing half of the division. During Pickett’s Charge, Union General George Custer leads an attack that prevents the Confederate cavalry from attacking the Union rear. That night, in heavy rain, General Lee withdraws his decimated army back towards Virginia. He tenders his resignation to Jefferson Davis, but is refused. Gettysburg was a turning point in the American Civil War, and marked the Confederacy's last major offensive.

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