Gettysburg Day Part 2 - July 2, 1863 - Battles of the Civil War


July 2, 1863 - Daybreak - The Union Army has established a strong defensive position resembling a fishhook along Cemetery Ridge. Against the advice of his second-in-command, James Longstreet, General Lee orders his men to attack the flanks of the Union line. Longstreet leads the Confederates on the left, with fierce fighting taking place at Little Round Top, the Wheatfield, Devil’s Den and the Peach Orchard. On the Union right, Richard Ule leads Confederates on an all-out assault on Culp’s Hill and Cemetery Hill. The Rebels reach the crest of Cemetery Ridge, but cannot break through in the face of Union counterattacks; including, an almost suicidal bayonet charge by the 1st Minnesota regiment. By the end of day two and despite heavy losses on both sides, the Union defenders manage to hold their lines.

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