Chairman Tears Up Talking Budget Cuts


10-27-2011 -- A short clip from a longer CSPAN video feed in which House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Buck McKeon tears up at the end when talking about the prospect of defense budget cuts. The Vice Chiefs of Staff of the four largest military branches were on Capitol Hill today to discuss how their readiness to fight could be affected by budget cuts that have been enacted or are being considered. The House Armed Services Committee held the hearing to gather testimony as the bipartisan "super committee" considers trimming defense programs as part of its attempt to meet its target of $1.5 trillion in cuts to the deficit. President Obama earlier this year proposed cutting $400 billion from Pentagon programs over the next decade. Testifying at today's hearing: Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Navy Vice Chief of Staff Adm. Mark Ferguson, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Philip Breedlove, and Marine Corps Assistant Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford. You can view the entire video at -Budgets-Readiness/10737425077/

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