Royal Guards to Recreate Epic Trek


The Prince of Wales is meeting members of his regiment, The Royal Dragoon Guards, who aim to recreate Captain Scott's epic expedition to the South Pole. They include servicemen wounded in Afghanistan who plan to use the trek to raise money for Walking with the Wounded and Alzheimers Research UK. It Is 100 years since Captain Scott's expedition to Antarctica, which ended in tragedy. His team all perished on the journey back from the pole. One of them - Capt Robert Oates - sacrificed himself to save supplies for the others, walking out of the tent with the words "I am just going outside and may be some time." He, like members of the new team, was suffering from a war wound. The new team members are suffering from a range of injuries, including major head and limb wounds. They hope to complete the trek shortly before returning to serve another tour in Afghanistan.


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