Iran Displays New Weaponry

It's the National Army Day in Iran. Every year Iran holds the National Army Day in honor of its land, sea and air forces. This year, on April the 18th, the country's armed forces put on display their latest achievements in defense field, including drones, radars, tanks, torpedoes, armored vehicles, fighter jets, helicopters, anti-aircraft guns and missiles. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the annual parade. After the military parade, Iran's military commanders said their forces are more than ever ready to defend the country against foreign threats, including those of the United States and its ally Israel. The Iranian Army has in recent months staged several drills to test-fire different types of home-made missiles and torpedoes. The army has also tested a large number of home-made submarines, gun ships, artillery, helicopters, fighter jets, drones, air defense and electronic systems.