Egyptian Army Shoots at Protesters


Egypt: Conflicting Versions Of Army Killings -- Sky News obtains eyewitness accounts and a video of a violent clash between pro-Morsi protesters and the Egyptian military. Competing versions of what happened when 51 people were killed close to the gates of the Republican Guard officers club in Cairo have emerged from video evidence. There is unanimity, though, that whoever started the violence the massacre marks a bloody moment in history which will scar Egypt's future. Sky News obtained eyewitness accounts and a video shot from an apartment overlooking the street which runs across the front of the Guard's club. It clearly shows pre-dawn preparations by interior ministry and army soldiers for an operation to clear the street where supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi were encamped. The force arrived with fire engines and ambulances - clearly aware that what they were about to embark upon was likely to turn violent.

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