Airmen Help Rescue Drivers in Flash Flood


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Airmen from Creech Air Force Base were among the people that rushed to help motorists caught in rushing waters on U.S. 95 northwest of the Las Vegas Valley on Monday. A video shot by amateur photographer Doug Bennett showed rushing waters in the median of the highway. On Monday, the area, particularly the northwest end of the Valley, received a round of precipitation, giving way to flooding on roadways. In the video, Bennett describes in an email noticing water flowing over the freeway, which prompted several cars to attempt turning around. Bennett said the vehicles crossed the median but became stuck in the mud. The motorists were stranded as rushing water flowed over their cars, Bennett said. At that point, according to Bennett, a group of airmen from Creech AFB reportedly ran to the scene to help an elderly couple trapped inside one of the cars. Others watching the scene told motorists to get out, Bennett said. Source:

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