Texas Rangers Help Soldier Surprise Family

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM)- The Texas Rangers and Globe Life Park staff helped pull off a heartwarming homecoming in the middle of the ballpark on Wednesday. Army Staff Sargent Kevin Welch arrived home early from deployment in South Korea, but his three kids had no idea he was back. “I’m not sure what to expect, I think they’ll be surprised to see me,” said Welch. To make sure the reunion was unforgettable, his wife turned to the Texas Rangers. “It’s been forever. Like a kid on Christmas morning…when you’re five and you can’t wait for the day to come. That’s what it feels like,” said wife Laura Welch. The kids thought they were getting a tour of the ballpark and to keep the reunion a surprise until the very last minute, Sgt. Welch went incognito. Dressed in a Rangers jersey, hat and sunglasses, he played the winner of a ‘groundkeeper for a day’ contest, who was being filmed for television. The disguise worked long enough for his kids to ask him if the grass on the field was real. When he answered, his kids stopped in his tracks.

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