Mom Tricks Kids into Great Surprise!

A Valley mom set up a surprise for her two children they'll never forget. Their dad, Army Staff Sgt. Jay Clemons, has been in Afghanistan, and on Friday he returned home. Mom, Heidi, usually sets up send-offs and homecomings for other military families, but this time it was all about the Clemons family. When the children arrived at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Kyle and Rebecca thought they were welcoming another dad, but they were in for a surprise! I thought he was coming home in June, but apparently it was today, said Kyle. Sgt. Clemons is an Army reservist who spent 11 months in Afghanistan supporting international security forces. But he says there's nothing like being home. When asked how he feels, he was a bit speechless. Wow, how do I feel? I don't know, I'm still dazed. It was nice landing and seeing clear air in Phoenix again. It's great, said Staff Sgt. Clemons. I'm glad we pulled it off because I was afraid that somebody was going to crack and tell them. It was good to surprise them, said Heidi. Since Staff Sgt. Clemons is a reserve there's no word on how long he'll be home. However, the family is ready to spend time together and enjoy a vacation.

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