Holiday Surprise for Military Family

An injured soldier thrilled his two daughters with a surprise Thanksgiving reunion at Kansas City International Airport. Sgt. First Class Michael Zavodny, a soldier stationed in Virginia, reunited with his family Wednesday night. He served in Afghanistan and was facing his third Thanksgiving without his family. "That's my girls!" Zavodny exclaimed as he squeezed them tight. While he was deployed overseas, Zavodny suffered serious head injuries in an attack and was flown by medical ambulance to a Washington area hospital for treatment. This occurred two years ago. "I was in direct fire where a blast had caused the vehicle to crash and go down the side of the mountain. It rolled over at least three or four times. I couldn't really tell you exactly, tell you from what I was told," Zavodny said. "I remember the blast. I remember going up. That's all I remember." Wine label creator Josh Cellars teamed up with the nonprofit group, Operation Homefront, to fly the soldier to KCI. "He was injured over two years ago. Flying back and forth can get expensive. These organizations are wonderful," said his wife, Christal Zavodny. Zavodny definitely surprised Christal and his kids, all of whom were at the airport last night, expecting him to arrive later. Instead, he was already there.

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