Dad Surprises Kids Behind Home Plate!

The children of a hometown hero got the surprise of their lives Thursday Night. Staff Sgt. Chris Ollis of Maggie Valley just returned home from Afghanistan. He and his wife wanted to give their young son and daughter a homecoming to remember. They turned to the Asheville Tourists for help. Staff Sgt. Chris Ollis's kids were asked to throw out the first pitch at Thursday's game, but they didn't know who would be behind home plate. Ollis' wife, Kayla, planned the whole surprise. This is her husband's fourth tour overseas and she wanted to give him a homecoming the whole family would remember. Staff Sgt. Chris Ollis was escorted to McCormick Field by the Patriot Guard. Staff Sgt. Ollis is only home for two weeks. He and his family say they are going to make the most of their time together. They say they are looking forward to a family beach trip next week.

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