20 Year Army Vet Gets Hero's Welcome

Tyler, Texas(KETK) — Sergeant First Class Rodney Eubanks was able to return home to Tyler Tuesday after spending more than 20 years in the military. Eubanks has been stationed in several parts of the world including Egypt and a 15 month tour in Afghanistan. Eubanks’ family wanted to make his home coming memorable. His father-in-law enlisted the help of several extended family members and the patriot guard to all be present on the day of his arrival. As Eubanks walked off the plane and into the airport, he was greeted with a loud and cheerful, hero’s welcome. Eubanks says he was overwhelmed by the amount of supporters who should up to congratulate him on his service. He says “it makes you feel appreciative knowing there are still people who want to let service member know they’re not forgotten.” Source: http://www.ketknbc.com/news/army-soldier-receives-surprise-homecoming-greeting

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