The Wiesel MK20 Tank


On Friday, 01.06.2012, a new tank was introduced into the tank museum: it is a Wiesel 1 MK20. (The eponymous machine gun is missing right now, but will soon.) Weasels are small, lightweight and manoeuvrable armored vehicles that were developed during the Cold War to the attachment of air speed over short distances. The new Wiesel will enrich the new Afghanistan-section of the tank museum, where it is displayed in its role to secure a forward operating base - hence the unusual coat. In Afghanistan, the vehicle has found new tactical roles and is so well decades after its development, use or sensible. The poor video quality is due to the spontaneous recording - the delivery was quite a surprise to the Web Editor. The next video we take back the "real" camera. Music: Song PopMetal


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